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UNIFY 2022

Empowering Girls to Take Control of Their Future Through Sports!

Join us to support and help a new generation of underprivileged girls from tribal and slum areas to become future leaders and move beyond their economic and psychological adversities.

Our scholarship programs provide sports, education, mentoring, computers, nutrition... 
to enable girls to create a new life.

Do you want to learn more and be a supporter of this event?

Thanks for your support.!

These girls need a new story and we are here to shape their life path.


KickOff Solutions is proud to sponsor a unique event that champions underprivileged girls who defy norms by playing sports, graduating school, becoming financially independent, and leading social changes.


Come to learn about these girls' dreams and inspring stories of courage


Industry experts and ]Partners discuss Community Building and Storytelling


Watch India vs USA Women's Football World Cup live with the girls

You can help make a significant impact to our growing community. 

It's proven that participation in sports can break stereotypes, improve girls self-esteem, and build leadership skills. 

KickOff Solutions works with sports-for-development nonprofits and NGOs to amplify the impacts they have on their local communities. 

With a little guidance and support, adolescent girls from underprivileged communities can dismantle traditional discriminatory norms. 

The time to act is now! Every contribution is a special gift to us. 

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