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Climbing Mt Aconcagua to support
KickOff Solutions
Feb 2023 - 
@Shashank Sahni, Google Leader

Mt Aconcagua is the highest peak in the southern and western hemisphere; standing at over 22,800 ft (~7000 meters).

Shashank Sahni, a Googler and adventure climber, is climbing this mountain to raise money and change the lives of many unprivileged girls in India and Africa.

"Whilst I am something of an experienced climber, this represents by far the biggest mountaineering challenge I’ve ever undertaken."



Our 2022 Annual Report is out!

Download your copy HERE

UNIFY 2022 Was a Huge Success!

Unify 2022, the first of its kind in-person event, was amazing. The program brought together nonprofit leaders, industry experts and, of course, our amazing girls.
They each had received a scholarship and the opportunity to change their life. As the girls shared their journeys and stories of discrimination, they felt closer than ever.

We had many meaningful discussions and exchange of ideas on important topics like:

    How should sports-for-development be leveraged to transform underprivileged girl leaders into role models and  changemakers
    How storytelling helps engage communities meaningfully for social behavioral change at scale
    Promoting change-makers through sports.
One changemaker session highlighted how the girl leader stories and initiatives are already impacting change in their communities. 

The press and media coverage was much appreciated. More than 20 media channels across print, electronic and digital helped to get the word out about this fun and important event.

We are extremely thankful for all of our partners and community. This event marked the beginning of a new era! A new story for these girls!
KickOff Solutions' first in-person meeting, Unify 2022, Oct 8-11 in Bhubaneshwar, India
Unify 2022 will bring all 50 beneficiary girls under KickOff Solutions' scholarship program together and provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to listen and learn from their experiences. The event, which is a critical pivot on the social impact roadmap for community-led change, will see an exchange of stories, goals & plans from girls, coaches, and nonprofit leaders, besides perspectives from industry experts.
For more information please CHECK HERE!


Hike to celebrate courage - A Googleserve event [#googleserve]

Kickoffsolutions organized a "Hike to celebrate courage" Googleserve event on June 25, 2022. The goal was to create awareness and recognize the courage of girls from underprivileged communities who battled social stigma and have emerged as leaders inspiring and influencing many others through their 'hero stories'

The hike was well received and supported by Google employees who participated with their family friends and pets.

Screenshot 2021-10-18 8_25_06 PM.webp
Kickoff Solutions hosts a Trivia Challenge in Jun 2021 to raise awareness

Amidst the gloom and challenges of Covid's impact faced by everyone, a Trivia challenge was organized to create awareness about KickOff Solutions' initiatives using famous personalities from history who helped change the course of history. It was a series of quiz sessions which was fun, informative, and inspiring.

Kickoff Solutions hosts Speaker Series 2.0 on Oct.22, 2020, at 5.00 pm PST

KickOff Solutions Speaker Series 2.0 panel discussion on “Empowering girls through sport during Covid” saw an exchange of inputs from five diverse & eminent personalities who’re all active in giving back for social impact with solid references to sport for supporting underprivileged youth.

Click here: Event Video Recording


Guest Speakers:

Mubarak O. Haruna: Student-athletes from Nigeria, now captaining a college soccer team in California

Victor Parra: US professional soccer player currently signed with Global FC Philippines

Carla Swensen-Haslam: formerly Colombian U-20 National soccer team player and board member

Kadiatou F. Sidibe: a US Navy logistics officer and founder / CEO of 'A Child for All' serving vulnerable children in Mali

Christopher Shelton: former basketball player & coach and now Director of Operations at Booker T. Washington Community Service Center

KOS Poster_-04.webp
4 Oscar girls ready to fly with Kickoff Solutions' scholarship program

Abha, Netravati, Supriya, and Zoya were selected through a rigorous application process and identified as four very promising, strong girls, all of whom face a myriad of problems, but remain focused and determined to pursue their dreams.

They are also making a difference through active volunteering to support other girls in the society who come through these touch pandemic times. We salute their leadership qualities and commitment to the betterment of society.

Kickoff girls from Oscar foundation win Dana Cup, Denmark

Kickoff solutions sponsored a few girls, who went on to win the tournament. The girls are from poor families and faced many challenges to pursue their passion. Practicing football and getting international exposure have given the girls confidence to pursue their dreams.

Kickoff Solutions will continue to support the girls to pursue education and sports toward financial independence. 

Google volunteers to raise funds during Giving Week

Kickoff Solutions is part of the registered non-profits on Google.Org giving week. A bunch of volunteers from Google raised funds to sponsor underprivileged girls from backward regions in India to participate in international tournaments. The raised money is being used to support organizations like Oscar, Slum Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Kickoff Solutions launches the first speaker series in San Francisco to raise awareness

Kickoff Solutions invited two eminent speakers - Ms. Nnena Ukuku, CEO of Black Founder Start-up ventures, and Mr. Supreet Singh Manchanda, Managing Partner, RAVEN. Kickoff Solutions intends to organize events to bring people together and create awareness about the underprivileged girl children and how sports can be a catalyst towards inclusion, empowerment, and leadership towards a better future for them.

The event was attended by over 45 guests, including Senior Global Director Mr. Ymanol V Machado from Google.



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